What would our lives look like if these disciplines became habits that formed and shaped the rhythms of our days and weeks?

What would your life look like?

The 30 day journey through these ancient practices and disciplines was designed to be an immersion in what Dallas Willard called the “with-God life”; not just a blip on the timeline of our life, but the beginning steps into an dynamic, everyday, walk with God.

Now what comes next? How do we take these practices and commit to incorporating them into our lives?

First, you must accept that, initially, you likely won’t feel a continuing motivation to return to the disciplines each day, as we have over the past few weeks. This is normal and expected. Embrace these days without shame, yet don’t let them become an excuse to fall out of habit.

Second, you have to make a plan about which practices and rhythms you want to continue, and how you’ll continue them. Take some time to think and write in your journal as you reflect on these questions:

Which discipline and/or unique practice was the most life-giving?

Which was the most difficult?

What part of the daily rhythms was most challenging to fit into your day and why?

What change do you need to make to your schedule (or adaptation to the daily rhythm) to make this easier to prioritize?

After this reflection, write out your own daily rhythm. It may look really similar to what you’ve been doing as you’ve walked through this booklet but it also might look different! The hope from all of this is that you’d be encouraged to incorporate the disciplines into your daily life. We pray that you continue to grow in prioritizing your relationship with God each day.