Why The Disciplines Matter
— Chris Price

What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘spiritual disciplines’?

A list of chores to perform? Dry and lifeless rituals? Monks and monasteries? Spirituality on steroids?

Or just the normal Christian life?

Whatever comes to mind when we hear this phrase, the reality is these practices have been a staple feature of Christian spirituality throughout church history. Rather than lifeless chores, spiritual disciplines are life-giving habits that bring vibrancy into our walk with God.

Jesus himself engaged in a wide variety of disciplines throughout the duration of His public ministry and we are called to follow in His footsteps.

This booklet will both explain and encourage the practice of the disciplines, helping us incorporate these habits into the daily rhythm of our lives, breathing fresh life into our walk with God.


In the end, spiritual disciplines are about the pursuit of intimacy with God, and nothing is more important than closeness with our Creator — it is through this closeness with God that we begin to take on the character of God. And ministry for God without intimacy with God is nothing but religion without relationship; a list of churchy chores to perform, the appearance of godliness devoid of power, lifeless rituals sucked dry of passion, almost like a beautiful monastery with only dead bones inside.

Our God invites us to something far more beautiful, deep and life-giving.

The disciplines are our “yes” to God’s invitation, our response to His loving initiative, our first faltering steps into the experience of life that is truly life.