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Why a 30-day guide?

  1. To experience the gift of spiritual disciplines.  

  2. To develop life-giving rhythms as a community.

  3. To make walking with Jesus a more tangible part of our daily lives.

  4. To make walking with Jesus something we celebrate in our friend groups.  

What to Expect


Throughout the booklet you’ll find pages that introduce specific Christian disciplines. These write-ups are to help you better understand what the disciplines are.


Every 5 days a new discipline will be highlighted and explained. Each day you’ll be challenged with a unique opportunity to practice the highlighted discipline for that 5 day period. We’ve designed these 30 challenges as opportunities to put what you’re learning into practice.


You should plan to block out 40 minutes for prayer and Bible reading each day. The Bible is God’s word to us. Scripture reveals to us the character of God and the plans and purposes He has for us. Prayer is communicating with God — it is the language of relationship between us and our Creator. Daily rhythms will include starting and ending the day in prayer.  We have also included a simple Bible reading plan that requires reading one chapter of the Bible each day. But if you’d rather do your own Bible reading plan feel free!

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PLAN TO CREATE MARGIN: Walking through the 30 days will take personal planning as well as group planning. You will want to make sure to create margin in your life!  We encourage you to read ahead so you know what’s coming.

PUT YOUR PHONE TO BED EARLY: We encourage you to turn your phone off before you go to bed each night to help create the margin needed. Make sure your phone isn’t the last thing you look at before bed and make sure it’s not the first thing you look at when you wake up. Commit to a rhythm that makes this possible.

JOURNAL: You might feel like journaling isn’t your thing but we are confident that you’ll find it beneficial for these next 30 days; and who knows, maybe it will end up becoming a discipline you continue to practice. Regardless, journaling will be an essential part of your daily rhythm over the next month.

DO THIS IN COMMUNITY: We also encourage you to walk this out with a few friends. Our prayer is that these 30 days would strengthen the relationships in this community as a whole.  We all know that it is hard to stay focused when taking on new rhythms and so having people to journey with will be extremely helpful.

Before you start we suggest you…  

a) Find 2-4 people willing to commit to the 30 day journey.

b) Pre-plan 4 times you’ll commit to meeting with your group.

COMMIT TO FINISH: There will likely be days you don’t feel like finishing. But we really encourage you to see it through!  You may want to ask a leader or mentor in your life to encourage you on days you don’t feel like finishing. If you fall behind at any point just pick up where you left off. It’s better to go through each day than it is to finish in 30 days!

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